Rules & Reg

Waiver of Liability Insurance Required

Each Exhibitor is responsible for the space leased by him or her and it is his or her sole responsibility to keep said space free from any conditions which might be dangerous to persons coming upon the premises. The Greater Concord, Manchester and Nashua Chambers of Commerce, sponsors of Tri-City Expo or the Radisson shall not be liable to the exhibitors, his or her agents, employees or any other person or property of any such persons and the exhibitor undertakes to fully indemnify the Greater Concord, Manchester and Nashua Chambers of Commerce. Their sponsors and the Radisson will not be responsible for any injury or any damage to any goods from any cause whatsoever while in transition to or from the Center of New Hampshire.


Neither the Greater Concord, Manchester and Nashua Chambers of Commerce, nor the Radisson are in any way responsible for foodborne illness. Each exhibitor is responsible for his or her own equipment and must keep an attendant at the display during the show.

Mechanical Failures and Acts of God:

Exhibitor expressly waives any and all claims for compensation for any and all loss or damage sustained by reason of any defect, failure or impairment of the roof or water or water supply system, drainage system, heating system, electrical system or any other mechanical system leading to or on the exhibition hall premises, or any part thereof damaged by fire or if any other reason including strikes of war, states of emergency, failure of utilities or any other act of god.

Operation of Exhibits:

The Greater Concord, Manchester and Nashua Chambers of Commerce reserve the right to restrict the operation of any exhibit which in thee opinion of the Chambers, distracts from the general character of the show as a whole. This includes, but is not limited to, exhibits which because of noise, flashing lights, methods of operation, display of unsuitable material, are determined to be objectionable to the successful conduct of the show. Display construction which restricts the exhibit presentation of adjacent and cross aisle booths will not be permitted.

Exhibitor Check-In/Check-Out:

Exhibitors must have their booths set up no later than 2:00pm on the show date. Failure to set up by the deadline will result in relinquishment of their booth space and no refund. Exhibitors must agree not to tear down their booth prior to 7:00pm. Each exhibitor also agrees to pay for damage to leased equipment such as chairs, tables and table coverings, etc.

Cancellation Policy:

The Greater Concord, Manchester and Nashua Chambers of Commerce may cancel the exhibitor contract and, at their option retain as liquidated damages for breach of contract the sum paid in full by the exhibitor. If the exhibitor cancels 10 (ten) business days or more before the show, the exhibitor is entitled to a full refund.